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Illuminati Mind Control

Please cut and paste this link into your search bar. It explains how Illuminati symbolisim is displayed in the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies over the years. It talks about Rio near the end of article. 

I noticed the dark symbolisim during the Opening Ceremonies last night and felt sick to my stomach.

It's incredible to me, everytime I watch The Olympics,  Music Awards, or any sort of huge celebration, there always seems to be Illuminati and satanic symbols throughout the entire show . The Rio Olympics 2016 is no different. The Cauldron (Tortch lighting),  The Pheonyx, and many other symbols. 

As much as I love watching all these shows,  I am always disheartened to see how all these symbols are implemented throughout them all, including the back of the American dollar bill with the pyramid and the all seeing eye. Even the TV show The Big Bang Theory shows this symbolisim in the opening song. Society is oblivious.  For someone like me,  I recognize these symbols and I know the meaning behind them.  I feel alone because there are so many who do not recognize the blatant messages hidden in plain sight.

My wish is that society becomes aware of the messages that are blatantly displayed, fight against them, and that survivors are believed and supported, and that one day, everyone who chooses darkness will be held accountable. 

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