Victorious Heart Inc. ca

Ritual Abuse Survivor and Author of: "UNLOCKING BURIED SECRETS" & "UNLOCKING BURIED SECRETS #2: Healing From Satanic Ritual Abuse Workbook for Male & Female Survivors"

I have finished reading your book. In my opinion
you captured your reality very well, and I found
myself wanting to find a way to jump in and grab you
to get you away from all those people as I read.
(My old rescue complex). I was thoroughly immersed
in your pain and situation, and when I read that you
finally left that abusive boyfriend, I was so
 relieved.  I also was elated to read about breaking contact once
again with your mother. The way you expressed yourself, I did not question any of your circumstances and abuses. It felt very real and present to me. Reminding myself that the woman I hear from now, onlist, has progressed so much since the years you wrote about, helped me keep
some perspective. It is always so hard to read a personal account of someone you know (even if only by email), and it hits so close to home. You should stand proud for your accomplishment. I look forward to your second book. I would recommend your book to other
survivors, definitely. I hope to meet you in person someday, and really sit down and talk with you. Who knows? I met several members at the conferences over the years, and have never regretted any of those chances.
In truth, love, and healing.