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Illuminati Bloodlines: Svali Gives Interview

Please cut and paste this link into your search bar/ browser. I have read it, and Svali has extremely accurate knowledge on Satanic Ritual Abuse, the connections between the Illuminati and Masons, and what SRA survivors of multigenerational  bloodlines endure. 

In both family tree cult books that I obtained many yrs ago, there is mention of family bloodlines dating back to the 1600's, and on my fathers side there is a graph with surnames of the bloodlines involved.

I feel sick, but feel knowledge is power.
I am afraid at times ( usually the week leading up to/ and on SRA dates),  and Im very cautious, but I know and believe God has protected my soul, my life, all these years...He wont quit on me now. 

Prayer and good, kind, understanding, compassionate, trustworthy, supportive, and loving people around me is very powerful. 

*If you click on "More Videos" link on left side of my site, I just added Svali's "Audio Radio Interview re Illuminati Bloodlines. Click on the highlighted will take you to Youtube and you can listen to her interview