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This is a taboo subject for some people. I myself have had mixed feelings about this during my life, as it really bothered me that my father told me as a child that "He and I were special", that "We had a 6th sense, ESP". Of course this bothered me because of my upbringing in surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse. Because of some of my experiences in my life, I am finally 
 feeling brave enough to share some things on this topic.

Definition of Intuition: 

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First off, I 100% believe in God---no doubt whatsoever. I have seen how He has saved me, and protected my soul from all of the evil perpetrated against me as a child, teen and young adult, keeping me safe throughout my life, and alive, into my adulthood. I have had the ability to always see the truth and reject evil despite all of the torture and brainwashing within the cult. I have also had deeply spiritual experiences in my life.

One of them being that I was really distraught on one particular day during my life regarding the abusive relationship that I was in. I decided that I needed to go for a walk and get away from the situation, so I left the house to go buy some cigarettes at the gas station. As I was walking I prayed to God and told Him how I felt and that I needed my life to change. I was so sad. I cut through a field and on the other side was the gas station. As I cut through this field, it was filled with birds of every kind and size. This was not a normal scene by any means. It was raining and I had my umbrella . I was listening to Depeche Mode on my Ipod and as I was walking through the field of birds, "Shake The Disease"started to play . This one tiny bird flew in circles just under the circumference of my umbrella to the time of the music, and kept perfect time with me as I walked all the way through the field. I felt the wind from the bird on my face, I saw the birds upturned stomach and beak, I saw his tiny feet and outstretched wings. I felt so much peace and joy, and I felt the distinct presence of God. I crossed the street, bought my cigarettes and as I made my way back to cut through the field---the field was empty, and no birds were in sight.

I have also had experiences at my place of work regarding the spirits or ghosts that inhabit this place. A few people have spoken of these spirits and say that they are there to protect them, sharing with me their experiences with these spirits. I have had my own experiences and have heard my name called (Very loudly) as I left a room. I went back in to ask if anyone had just called my name. The answer was no. I have been surrounded/ enveloped by very loud whispering while walking in the stairwell from the basement up to the main level (Felt like it was swirling around me, echoing, and very powerful, but this experience felt evil). I have heard loud knocking in different locations when no one was present, I have heard the squeaking of the door opening and closing when no one else was in the room/ nor had anyone just opened the door. I have seen an apparition of many legs of people walking in the main lobby (This was on New Years Eve as I was waiting for a cab to take me home). I have had a light go out on me late at night---testing the light switch as I thought the bulb had burnt out---it did not, and I have heard a crackling sound and seen lights go out and another one go on. The other night at work as I was doing my job, I was thinking about all the spiritual experiences that I have had and felt blessed that I have had them, and at that exact moment "Shake The Disease" started to play in the room that I was in on a CD player. I felt the hairs stand up on my arm, and I felt warm and remembered my experience with the birds in the field. Also on this night, while doing my job, the door to the room I was in opened and closed 3 times (All doors open with a key and an automatic door opener---the sound was that of the automatic door opener) while I was training another employee. She went to go check all 3 times and there was no one there and no one down the hall. She was pretty freaked out. Again the hairs stood up on my arm. But deep inside, I knew and felt that I wasn't alone, and that there is a greater purpose to my life than I can even imagine. Mid way through August of this year, I was on the elevator with a coworker that just happens to be friends with my friends niece and the two of us (My coworker and I) were talking and laughing as we went up to the 4th floor. I heard this music surrounding us in the elevator and thought she might have had a cell phone that was ringing (Music tones when someone calls etc) I asked her this, she said no. I then asked her if she could hear the music like I could? She stopped, and said yes!  She asked me if there was elevator music (Speakers in the elevator) I told her no...shortly after this, the music just stopped. She was pretty freaked out, and my hairs stood up on my arms and I got chills. The music was instrumental, nothing I have ever heard before, my coworkers take was that it was elevator music. The both of us described it as surrounding us, loud and very unusual. I am grateful that I had someone with me who witnessed the same thing as myself! I felt very happy after this experience as it once again proved to me that there is so much more beyond this world! My boss (Who came into the staff room and shared his own experience)  said that  the "instrumental music" signifies a birth or pregnancy. I am wondering if this is somehow connected to a memory that I am currently struggling with. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and nothing happens by chance. I dont know for sure the meaning behind this experience with the instrumental music in the elevator, but I am grateful for the feeling of happiness that I felt after it happened.

Also, during one graduation I had an experience. It was held in a Catholic Church. I was so scared to attend as I knew it would completely trigger me regarding the ritual abuse with all of the church altars and religious symbolism. My vision became very blurred as soon as my name was called to receive my pin. All I could see was this tiny area of the floor and my feet, a small circle of vision. I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other and stopped when I was able to make out my instructors feet a foot or so in front of my own. I believe this was the combination of the "Flight or  fight" response, and God protecting me from the visual stimuli that would trigger me as I walked up the two stairs on the red carpet so very close to the altars. After I received my pin, and as I looked up at my instructor (As I tried to keep my head and eyes down), all I saw was this bright, blinding light that blurred my vision, unable to see her face, feeling like the two of us were surrounded by God. It was a peaceful feeling. I also saw this blinding bright light after our hug and her telling me that it was nice to see me again.  I had prayed so much before graduation and during. 

I have had many moments where I am feeling a certain way, and when I walk into a room, the perfect song comes on the radio, at that exact moment, speaking of the very thing that I am struggling with, feeling, or needing reassurance of. This happens often. 

I am also able to feel other peoples energy. I can feel someones emotions. When the person in front of me experiences deep emotion, I can see the wave (ripple) of emotion go through their eyes, and instantly, I feel the same wave of intensity. It takes my breath away. This happens mostly with those that I am close to, have an emotional bond with, and care about. It is intense, deep, and moving. It's hard to put into is just an intense feeling.  I can feel if someone has a light about them, or a darkness to them very strongly. I once walked by a couple that lived in my neighborhood and as I walked in between them down the sidewalk (As the woman was on one side and her husband on the other side) I felt like I walked through a thick cloud of evil. I could feel it so strongly, it kind of knocked the wind out of me, it was awful. 

Sometimes being in a crowd of people can be overwhelming as there is so much energy that I feel. I have recently seen someone in a therapeutic setting who I trust completely and have spoken to about the  ritual abuse and she shared with me that she has the same abilities. 

I believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition. You just have to pay attention to it, trust it, and listen to it. 

Proof Of Heaven: A Neurosurgeons Journey Into The Afterlife

There is so much more to this world than anyone knows. So many unseen forces that surround us all. I guess its when you go to heaven someday and meet God that everything will make sense.