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One Less Problem:

Ariana Grande: " Problem"- Mix ...On YouTube . 

This song Is very reflective Of positive changes And Life Choices that I've made recently beginning before the new year  of 2018.  It's always good When you get rid of negative situations, people, circumstances that bring you down , hold you back. 

"One Less Problem" is a great song to uplift Your Soul and Spirit as you continue to move forward. I've recently gotten back into dancing Around my living room To lift my spirits when I feel down. This is the perfect song to celebrate Making positive Life Choices. I have indeed shed "One Less Problem" in 2018!!!

Go to You Tube... type in Ariana Grande "Problem " -mix.   You will see a caption of the video of a black and white spiral with her laying on it with a brown ponytail and a white outfit . That is the song.  It is A great song!  Although some words dont apply- the general message does.

I danced to it and celebrated my healthy and  important life choice just before The New Year today!

It is never ok to allow others to devalue you.