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Perivascular Epithelioid Cell Tumor 
(PEComa of undetermined or low malignant potential)

I now have an appointment to see a cancer specialist on August 25th regarding the results of my fibroid after my hysterectomy. I am very nervous that I have to go see a cancer specialist. I am trying to stay positive and not stress about what kind of testing I will have to go through, as well as wondering if I will have a friend for support to go with me to the appointment as it is out of town, and it falls on a work day. I had put all of this out of my mind and focused on work, but since getting the call at work on my cell phone a few days ago, things have been a blur since. 

After more thought, I am going to try my hardest to put into practice extra self care, stay present and not go into fear mode,  keep a positive attitude, remember to have gratitude for what I do have which is so meaningful, and know that some how, some way, things will work out as I am putting all of my trust and faith into God, the angels and the universe. I am so thankful for my job, as it truly does give me so much happiness, and the ability to laugh and make a difference with those where I work is truly a gift that I do not take for granted. I wish for all to be worked out the way it is suppose to happen, and I wish for the strength to handle whatever it is--- that may be. 

Saw cancer specialist today. Good news:
-Every 3-4 months for first 2 years CT scans, abdominal ultra sounds, chest x-rays, blood work, etc.
-After that tests once a year....for up to 5 yrs. I think that was what was said to me. I spaced out for a bit. Too much to take in. My great friend took me down to Hamilton and stayed with me through exams (rectal and vaginal) which was hard on me. She was great, and the specialist and the nurse were funny and kind. I begged him to let me get testing done in my city and have the results sent to him as he wanted to see me in person each time. No thank you! The drive is stressful for me and I dont need extra stress! He agreed and understood. Nice to see. 
I am so thankful that this experience is over and now I can go back to my life and deal with the tests as they come up. At least they are in my city and I am close to home, my kitties, my friends, work, my comfort important. I am glad to know that I will be monitored closely so that anything concerning can be dealt with quickly. I have learned so much from the clients at work. Each client has their own ways, personalities, and I learn from them all. I believe that the most important reason that we are all here on this earth is to love, show kindness, support others, grow as individuals, become stronger, elevate our souls, and live life to the fullest. I love my job, my kitties, and my friends. I learn and grow every day. I am so thankful. 

Made it through 1st CT Scan since surgery today. This time I didnt cry. I prepared myself for the IV, the having to drink the 2 cups of fluid so they could see all my organs, the rush of the dye through my bloodstream, arms above my head, the sliding table in the centre of the machine with all the noises, and computerized voice of the machine telling me when to breathe and when to hold my breath. All very triggering. But I did it by focusing on everything around me and taking deep breaths. Thank god this one test is over. Detest being in a hospital setting! Back to work tomorrow! Life goes on!

CT Scan Results:
-Shadow in right lung that needs to be followed
-Call surgeon in one week to set up another CT scan 3 months from now
*If he is not comfortable following me--I will be sent to cancer centre at the hospital in my city to follow my care

I have no words at this point.
My gynaecologist/ surgeon has agreed to follow my care after receiving results from cancer specialist out of town.

After getting my most recent CT scan results back in December, I am happy to say that everything was normal on scan. So its just pelvic and abdominal ultra sounds and chest x rays every 6 months, instead of CT scans every 3 months! What a relief.