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Ritual Abuse Survivor and Author of: "UNLOCKING BURIED SECRETS" & "UNLOCKING BURIED SECRETS #2: Healing From Satanic Ritual Abuse Workbook for Male & Female Survivors"

What is my purpose? This is a question that every survivor of  Satanic Ritual Abuse will ask themselves. I know I have asked myself this question many times during my life, and at times, still do on occasion, to this day. It can be hard on certain days when you aren't feeling your best to understand why you went through what you did, why you have had to spend so many years battling to get past it all, and why after all of this time do you still have to hurt so much, struggle so much with things that come easily to others. I really do know how this question can pop up at unexpected times during your life, no matter how much healing you have done, and no matter how far  you have come. We all have days now and again that we don't feel very strong, and start to question our very existence once again. When you realize that this feeling will eventually pass, you can allow yourself to have your crappy moment, knowing that in a little while, you will feel better once again.

I have learned over my life that we all have a purpose, and it is not to be used and abused, bought or sold, or to suffer for years on end. You and I have a purpose that is so much greater than any of that.

What's My Life Purpose? - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Heal Your life

Quote from this site:

"When you’re giving to others, to your planet, and to your Source, you’re being purposeful. Whatever it is that you choose to do, if you’re motivated to be of service to others while being authentically detached from the outcome, you’ll feel on purpose, regardless of how much abundance flows back to you."

I have figured out that when you start to feel this way (And you will-- many, many, times during your healing) turn your focus back to how you can help others that are not as fortunate as yourself. Figure out how you can do something special for someone such as opening a door for a stranger, letting the person that is behind you in the line up go a head of you because they have only 3 items in their cart, and your cart is full, give your friend a call that you know is going through a tough time just to tell her that you are thinking of her, smile at someone as you pass them on the street---you never know, they may have needed that smile.

In reading:
"Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway" --- By Susan Jeffers, PH. D.     

It states how the word choices you speak about yourself, your capabilities, your future, etc can have a profound effect on how strong or--- not so strong that you feel. It can determine your physical strength even! Even if you don't yet quite believe the positive words that you substitute for the negative ones --- your inner self believes them! So, every time you say to yourself "I don't know if I can deal with this"---say instead:  "I trust/ know that some how, some way, I will find a way to deal with this!" Words are very powerful. So it is with this knowledge that it is important to try to speak with words that are powerful, uplifting, and positive! 

I am including the link below in this section of my site as well (I also have it listed in  the Self Care and Blog sections of my site) as the mind and body are connected, so how you think and what you believe will determine how you feel and the choices that you make in your life. 

Katie Couric Show:  How To Destress Your Life With Goldie Hawn

So, if you are struggling with your purpose in this life, remind yourself that it is OK to feel the way you do, allow yourself to feel your crappy moment, but then pick yourself back up, turn your focus back to doing kind things for others (This helps take the focus off of your own situation), remember when you speak to use powerful, uplifting and positive words, read books that focus on positive thinking (As this is a skill that has to be practiced over and over again), remind yourself that everyone has crappy moments, and finally practice self care, gratitude, and believe in yourself!